Other Activities

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Just north of N’Djamena is Douguia, a beautiful tourist destination by the Chari River. You can explore areas around the river by boat. You’ll find an amazing collection of birds in large numbers, as well as views of local people going about their daily activities like fishing, washing, walking or just sitting at the river bank. In April 2001, a UNAID meeting was held in Douguia by the Health Ministers of the four countries of the Lake Chad Basin, and the outcome of that meeting was called “Declaration de Douguia”.

Cine Normandie, a 470 seater, one screen cinema which was shut down for thirty years and renovated in 2011. Shows East Indian and other foreign movies.
Place de la Nation is next to N’Djamena and is located in Chari-Baguirmi, Chad. Place de la Nation has a length of 2.2 kilometres.

Visit the Grand Market in central N’Djamena for an exciting glimpse into Chadian culture. You can buy just about anything there. Whether it’s a delicious mango or a genuine Chadian wardrobe, you are guaranteed to find whatever goods you desire in this marketplace.
The market is conveniently located, and it helps that everyone in the city knows where it is. Many in N’Djamena work or travel there every day. The market is just south of the mosque.