The nightlife in Chad is quite lively, and most towns have pubs, bars, and nightclubs. They are good places to unwind with friends while enjoying the surroundings. Most fill up every weekend, particularly on Saturdays.

Some of the bars in the non-Muslim sections of the capital are managed by women. These are open throughout the day, and serve all sorts of refreshments outside of beer. There are nightclubs in the upscale neighborhoods in N’Djamena that play local music, some of which is inspired by international artists. Pari matches can be witnessed every weekend, particularly on Saturdays.

Some of the notable bars in Chad include Bar Hors Bord (BP. 4444 – N’Djamena, Chad, +235-22-53-42-49) and Bar Byblos (N’Djamena, +235-66-40-22-00). Travelers can also enjoy a drink in the comfort of your own hotel, such as Hotel La Residence (BP 5897 Rue 1039, Quartier Aerorport, N’Djamena, +235-90-96-32-00), and Bar Safari Club (Kempinski Hotel N’Djamena BP. 6473 N’Djamena, Chad, +235-22-53-12-53).